Piano 35

167.25 meters high

A unique place

A unique experience that will involve all your senses in a MAGICAL PLACE suspended between the earth and the sky in the city of Turin.

Marco Sacco

Piano35 was brought to life by chef Marco Sacco’s vision and ambition. Already holding two Michelin stars, his reinterpretation of the city of Turin’s culinary tradition can be described in three words: delicious, beautiful and simple.

Simone Sacco

He and his son, Simone Sacco, reinterpret the deeply-rooted tradition of Turin’s aperitif with an unexpected twist that is both novel and contemporary.

Christian Balzo

The team is strengthened by the experience of resident chef CHRISTIAN BALZO and structural director DENIS ZANGHIRELLA. Praise for Italy’s highest restaurant was quick to arrive: in November of 2020, just eight months after opening, Piano35 is awarded its FIRST MICHELIN STAR.

Live the 3 CORE EXPERIENCES of the location where you can savor the emotion of a UNIQUE BREAKLUNCH, DINNER or COCKTAIL – suspended at a height of 150 meters.

Cuisine is a gesture of LOVE first and foremost, and is a special gift, so give your loved ones the emotion of GIFT CARD signed PIANO35.

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